Buenos Aires Is A City Worth Your Time

The capital and the most populous city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a treat to watch. The tourist destination is famous for its rich cultural life and its preserved European style architecture. It is the most travelled city in South America. Being home to various languages and cultures followed there. Be ready to click the beauty of the place.

  • Casa Rosada – the president’s office

The office of the president of Argentina and is famously known as pink house. It is the most symbolic buildings in Buenos Aires. It will also provide you information related to the former presidents of Argentina. The seat of the president is known as the seat of the Rivadavia.

  • Plaza de Mayo – the introductory site

It is one of the most important and popular place and is a landmark in Buenos Aires. You will find historical stuff there. The plaza is a culturally rich location and is famous for being a tourist trap in town. Enjoy the good food here.

  • Obelisco de Buenos Aires – relive the feeling of patriotism

It is a historic monument located in the Plaza de la República which symbolizes independence and freedom. It is lit up in the evening when it starts to get dark, thus adding to its beauty. It has a great nightlife and you’ll find various restaurants and food stalls available.  An old buddy, Brandon, is an aficionado when it comes to night life and great restaurants.  He owns www.southernstarroofing.com in Charlotte and loves to travel to South America once per year, checking out a new place.  Last time we spoke, he had spoken extremely high of the amazing ethnic foods and fun night life he experienced.

  • La Recoleta Cemetery – for those who want a gripping experience

This cemetery contains the graves of the prominent people like the presidents of Argentina, Noble prize winners, granddaughter of Napoleon and many more. It is full of mystery, history and charm. It contains exceptional architecture, sculptures and views and is culturally very rich. It is a worth taking experience as you don’t visit cemeteries every day.

  • Teatro colon – enjoy the beauty

It is situated in Argentina and is one of the ten best opera houses of the world. It is a beautiful building with classic architecture. The place has a café and a guided tour. A tour takes about 50 minutes with a guide. The best way to relax and enjoy.