Denver’s best places to visit…

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Denver enjoys a rich history and cultural background. If you’re planning on visiting this city, make sure you’re ready for a trip down memory lane! But that’s not all the city holds. Its rapid grown modernization has led to a metropolitan landscape of the city. Along with the monumental landmarks and places to visit, Denver is also a resort for fun activities like amusement park rides, comedy theaters, performing arts and sports.

Places to See in Denver

The capital of Colorado is known for its museums, art galleries and observatories. Head to the Black American West Museum and Heritage Center and learn the struggles of the first Black woman doctor.

The Byer-Evans House Museum is also a sight to visit, with a number of historic exhibitions and artifacts to see and appreciate.

Other museums that are worth visiting during your stay at Denver are the Children’s Museum, the Denver Art Museum, Forney Transportation Museum, Molly Brown House Museum, The Money Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Denver Firefighters museum. Each of these buildings holds uniqueness to them and you’re guaranteed to stumble upon things you’ve never seen before in any part of the world.

For those who love astronomy and all things related to the stars, the Chamberlin Observatory is the place they can’t miss out. The observatory conducts parties and events for astronomy nerds and they are all open for the public!

Things to Do in Denver

Denver isn’t only about sightseeing and learning the historical backgrounds of the city. Sure, the city has an ample amount of museums that are characteristic of it but there are plenty of fun activities to do in the capital of Colorado as well.

If you have kids with you, don’t forget to take them to the exciting amusement parks like the Butterfly Pavilion, Waterworld, Elitch Gardens and the Lakeside. These parks feature rides for all ages and need an entire day to experience!

The city is also known for its comedy theater. Head over to the Bovine Metropolis Theater or the Comedy works for lifting your mood and lots of laughter.

If you’re planning to stay for a few days in Denver, you can also explore the city’s mastery in performing arts, seasonal events and a ton of sports!

Great travel tips when visiting Denver…

What Santa Fe Has To Offer Its Tourists?

There are plenty of activities on offer for tourists visiting Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico City. Some of the major attractions of this wonderful town that is located in the Sangre de Cristo foothills are given below.

New Mexico History Museum

This is a very popular exhibition center that is located close to the Palace of the Governors. Take a tour of this place to know more about the New Mexico City history and the culture. This 1610 constructed exhibition center has been the state museum since 1909. It is now a permanent and a contemporary exhibition center that brings to life all the aspects of the New Mexico history.  

Museum of International Folk Art

As the name suggests, this is a museum where you get to see details of folk art from over 100 countries. You get to know details about the various types of folk art and also unearth a lot of new surprises and treasures as you explore this place. It is a must visit for all folk art lovers.  

Old Fort Marcy Park

Anyone who loves to enjoy a good evening walk from the city can visit this park. Once you walk from the city and reach the top of the monument, you will get to see the beauty of Santa Fe. This place has remnants of the old fort and the plaques and is a very good spot to visit for picnic lovers, and hikers. This place was built by the U.S. Army in 1846 to protect the Americans.

Santa Fe Opera House

This is the most popular location where the open air music festivals take place in Santa Fe. It has got fabulous seating and one can enjoy a terrific evening here.  

Meow Wolf

Anyone who loves fun, thrill, adventure, and suspense will enjoy walking around the Meow Wolf exhibition center. This is a 20,000 square foot exhibition center that offers plenty of adventure and suspense. Visitors can walk, climb, crawl and choose any of the paths on offer to explore this place.

Top Places I want you to be sure to visit when you are in Scotland

If you are traveling to Europe, be sure to invest time visiting Scotland and its rich history.   Scotland holds its place in the world for being an exotic location that attracts visitors from different regions. The amazing castles of this region are famous all over and the country has a unique charm that offers the best travel experience. You can enjoy the beaches and scenic mountains of the region and spend a secluded vacation with friends and family members. 

Edinburgh Castle

The amazing castle dates back to the thirteenth century and continues to attract visitors even to this day. It is also one of the most historic national monuments of Scotland and offers the stunning view of the city. You can get to see the Palace of Holyroodhouse along with the Princes Street from this region. The bronze statues of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, who defeated the English, can be seen at the entrance of the castle.

Loch Lomond

The largest lake of the region is famous for salmon and whitefish and attracts many anglers from surrounding regions. You can also get to involve in water sports activities and hike the scenic mountains in the neighboring places. Tourists indulge in boat trips and trek the Ben Lomond Mountain that stands at a height of nearly 3000 feet.

Isle of Skye

This is the largest inner isles of Scotland and also known as Cloud Island. It is very popular due to the scenic view of green valleys and caves in the surrounding places. You can also get to enjoy the stunning beauty of waterfalls and sandy beaches in this beautiful island that spans over 50 miles in length. Wildlife enthusiasts come to this place to get the amazing view of seals and other species of birds.

Skara Brae

The beautiful Stone Age village of the region is situated on the island of Orkney. The surprising thing about the place is that it was covered in sand dune for many centuries and got exposed only in 1850 due to a huge storm. You can still see the stone walls in good condition and the site is older than the pyramids.

Ben Nevis

It is situated in the highlands of the region and happens to be the highest summit in Scotland. It gives a stunning view of the mountains and you can enjoy hiking and other adventure activities in this place.s

Great White Shark Cage Diving Experiences Off The Coast Of Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is the capital city of Western Cape Province in South Africa, is a scenic city to visit, given its location by the harbor of Cape Floristic region and including landmarks like Cape Point and Table Mountain. It is a multicultural city and a great tourist destination. Being a harbor and having distinct coastlines on either side, there is much water based recreations that travelers can expect to find here.

One of the experiences that travelers can look forward to is the eight to ten hour cage diving experience here. This can be obtained near the Gansbaai coastline where one can get a full day tour. The tours are usually conducted by guides who are experienced marine biologists. Tour participants are then taken in a cage in the water where they can observe the sharks up close and in their natural habitat. The tours usually include breakfast as well as snacks while some even have pick up and drop facilities.

The tours start at Gansbaai which is a fishing village whose waters are known for the high population of white sharks. Usually the tours start at a location called Great White House, where tour participants are given breakfast and an introduction about what to expect on the tour. The tour participants are then asked to step into a cage which goes down into the waters. The visitors are asked to don diving gear and they are taken to a cage that is immersed in the ocean, which is a 20 minute trip out from the coastline. The cage is immersed in water in a way that people can get out of the cage any time they want to. The boat stays on the diving spot for about two hours to allow participants a chance to see shark activity in the waters.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the largest city and the capital of Egypt. It also forms a metropolitan area between the Arab world and the Middle East. The association of this ancient city with the history of Egypt makes it one of the must see places to check out one of the ancient civilization sites of the world. The Giza pyramid complex, Memphis or the Nile delta are some of the ancient landmarks of history that need to be part of an educational tour for all. Cairo is located in the midst of all this and more. The present day Cairo was founded by the Fatimid dynasty in 969 CE. It is located by the Nile delta and there are several ancient sites that showcase remnants of old Cairo.

Cairo has been a center of the political and cultural life of the region and has several minarets that stand as a symbol of the Islamic architecture.  Considered as a World City, traveling to this city is akin to a historical pilgrimage. Cairo has also been a center of higher learning as several educational and religious institutions have a long time presence here. Cairo has the largest population in Egypt.

Among the several attraction places in Egypt one will find Cairo Opera House to be a cultural center worth visiting that is located in Zamalek district. Khedivial Opera House is another cultural landmark to see here, which was the original opera house to have opened in Cairo. Cairo Geniza has several old documents and Jewish manuscripts that can be found here, which form a place of scholastic interest for many. Among the historic landmarks to see here, Keops pyramid is a must stop for all travelers to this region as well as the Gizeh plateau where one can find the ancient pyramids as well as camel rides to experience.