Denver’s best places to visit…

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Denver enjoys a rich history and cultural background. If you’re planning on visiting this city, make sure you’re ready for a trip down memory lane! But that’s not all the city holds. Its rapid grown modernization has led to a metropolitan landscape of the city. Along with the monumental landmarks and places to visit, Denver is also a resort for fun activities like amusement park rides, comedy theaters, performing arts and sports.

Places to See in Denver

The capital of Colorado is known for its museums, art galleries and observatories. Head to the Black American West Museum and Heritage Center and learn the struggles of the first Black woman doctor.

The Byer-Evans House Museum is also a sight to visit, with a number of historic exhibitions and artifacts to see and appreciate.

Other museums that are worth visiting during your stay at Denver are the Children’s Museum, the Denver Art Museum, Forney Transportation Museum, Molly Brown House Museum, The Money Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Denver Firefighters museum. Each of these buildings holds uniqueness to them and you’re guaranteed to stumble upon things you’ve never seen before in any part of the world.

For those who love astronomy and all things related to the stars, the Chamberlin Observatory is the place they can’t miss out. The observatory conducts parties and events for astronomy nerds and they are all open for the public!

Things to Do in Denver

Denver isn’t only about sightseeing and learning the historical backgrounds of the city. Sure, the city has an ample amount of museums that are characteristic of it but there are plenty of fun activities to do in the capital of Colorado as well.

If you have kids with you, don’t forget to take them to the exciting amusement parks like the Butterfly Pavilion, Waterworld, Elitch Gardens and the Lakeside. These parks feature rides for all ages and need an entire day to experience!

The city is also known for its comedy theater. Head over to the Bovine Metropolis Theater or the Comedy works for lifting your mood and lots of laughter.

If you’re planning to stay for a few days in Denver, you can also explore the city’s mastery in performing arts, seasonal events and a ton of sports!

Great travel tips when visiting Denver…