Enjoy The Historical And Beach City Chitre

The Chitre is one of the oldest settlements of Panama and therefore, it is a major attraction for tourists. Travelers from all over the world come to Chitre to know about history if this place as well as to see its beauty. Because of the same reason, even I came to this city. I have always been curious to more about this city. Here is the city in my view. The city has some of the most interesting beaches according to me. The city is the cultural and historic capital of the region. The records of Colonial-era show that a village was at the place somewhere in 1558.

You walk around the nooks and crannies of Chitre and you will see the historical imprints. I have a huge collection of photographs of those. I clicked pictures of whatever I find interesting at the place. Some of the places that I liked most in Chitré are ceramic shops in La Arena, Playa El Agallito birdlife, Parita, Cenegón del Mangle wildlife refuge. Chitre hosts some internationally acclaimed wild parties every year. You can check dates and be the part of the same. Unfortunately, during my visit there was no such party, will try next time.


  • Sarigua National Park


This is the national park, which is amazing and you can start your trip to Chitre visiting this. It will take your entire day, so be prepared. Try adventure here, see birds and various animals enjoying in their natural shelter. It was an excellent experience for me.


  • Fantastic Casino


If you love casino or want to try your hand once, be here. You would love people and gaming options present at the fantastic casino. I liked this place a lot.


  • San Juan Bautista Cathedral


The Cathedral has huge historical importance, be here to see the old days architect and various methods of beautification.