Great White Shark Cage Diving Experiences Off The Coast Of Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is the capital city of Western Cape Province in South Africa, is a scenic city to visit, given its location by the harbor of Cape Floristic region and including landmarks like Cape Point and Table Mountain. It is a multicultural city and a great tourist destination. Being a harbor and having distinct coastlines on either side, there is much water based recreations that travelers can expect to find here.

One of the experiences that travelers can look forward to is the eight to ten hour cage diving experience here. This can be obtained near the Gansbaai coastline where one can get a full day tour. The tours are usually conducted by guides who are experienced marine biologists. Tour participants are then taken in a cage in the water where they can observe the sharks up close and in their natural habitat. The tours usually include breakfast as well as snacks while some even have pick up and drop facilities.

The tours start at Gansbaai which is a fishing village whose waters are known for the high population of white sharks. Usually the tours start at a location called Great White House, where tour participants are given breakfast and an introduction about what to expect on the tour. The tour participants are then asked to step into a cage which goes down into the waters. The visitors are asked to don diving gear and they are taken to a cage that is immersed in the ocean, which is a 20 minute trip out from the coastline. The cage is immersed in water in a way that people can get out of the cage any time they want to. The boat stays on the diving spot for about two hours to allow participants a chance to see shark activity in the waters.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the largest city and the capital of Egypt. It also forms a metropolitan area between the Arab world and the Middle East. The association of this ancient city with the history of Egypt makes it one of the must see places to check out one of the ancient civilization sites of the world. The Giza pyramid complex, Memphis or the Nile delta are some of the ancient landmarks of history that need to be part of an educational tour for all. Cairo is located in the midst of all this and more. The present day Cairo was founded by the Fatimid dynasty in 969 CE. It is located by the Nile delta and there are several ancient sites that showcase remnants of old Cairo.

Cairo has been a center of the political and cultural life of the region and has several minarets that stand as a symbol of the Islamic architecture.  Considered as a World City, traveling to this city is akin to a historical pilgrimage. Cairo has also been a center of higher learning as several educational and religious institutions have a long time presence here. Cairo has the largest population in Egypt.

Among the several attraction places in Egypt one will find Cairo Opera House to be a cultural center worth visiting that is located in Zamalek district. Khedivial Opera House is another cultural landmark to see here, which was the original opera house to have opened in Cairo. Cairo Geniza has several old documents and Jewish manuscripts that can be found here, which form a place of scholastic interest for many. Among the historic landmarks to see here, Keops pyramid is a must stop for all travelers to this region as well as the Gizeh plateau where one can find the ancient pyramids as well as camel rides to experience.