Best Places To Visit In San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a place that is not unknown to most people. Being the capital city of Puerto Rico, this city comes under the jurisdiction of the United States. The city formed in 1521 by the Spanish colonists is an American city with European or Spanish culture that makes it unique. At the same time the city has rich historical landmarks. The defensive forts of the city are Fort San Cristobal, La Fortaleza and Fort San Felipe Del Morro. It is also known to be an important seaport of Puerto Rico. It also houses several businesses in manufacturing, finances as well as cultural and tourism centers.

  • This principal city forms part of the San Juan-Caguas-Fajardo statistical area. It has been the center of several games and sports events that are hosted here every year. Among the notable places to visit here is Old San Juan. This place is known for its architecture, history and shopping areas. It is the oldest part of the city where the ancient settlements had been foremost. The historic and colonial landmarks are significant here, which is why it is also called the National Historic Landmark District.
  • Castillo San Cristobal is the next place to visit here. It is a Spanish fort that was built here in the New World. It is a citadel that is heavily fortified and walled and built in the eighteenth century, been one of the Spanish building forts that exist in the Americas.
  • La Fortaleza is the next place to visit here, which is a 16h century mansion and the monument. It has the residence of the governor of the island and there are tours that are conducted here.
  • Isla Verde is a beach destination here, which has beach based activities like parasailing as well as a vibrant nightlife. It is part of the District of Carolina and is located close to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.
  • Condado beach is a honeymoon and beach destination which is popular with tourists. The beach activities here are numerous and it is located by Ashford Avenue in Condado region.

There are several other landmark areas to check out that also includes old architectural museums that are worth visiting.