Travel Around The City Of Santiago, Chile

A cultural, political and financial center of Chile, Santiago is the capital of Chile and one of the largest cities in America. It is surrounded by vineyards and is a beautiful sight to watch. You can enjoy delicious food and views here.

  • San Cristóbal Hill – unwind from the stressful life

It is a hill in the northern Santiago. It is a beautiful place to walk, enjoy the view and have some relaxation. Almost whole Santiago is visible from the place and makes it vivaciously good. A great place to go and have easy access to coffee, ice cream etc.

  • Santa Lucía Hill – a perfect family spot

Located at the center of Santiago, it comprises of beautiful landscapes and gardens that are a delight to watch. A perfect place to vacation with family. Visit and be amazed by the architecture of the place which may look small but will provide you an unforgettable experience.

  • Santiago Metropolitan Park – a true beauty

Experience the largest urban park in Chile which flows along the river. It is a beautiful place with beautiful established trees. The public buildings facing the park are very enthralling. The view of the sunset is amazing and there are a number of refreshment shops for requirements.

  • Plaza de Armas – be spellbound by the construction

The main public place of Santiago comprises of gorgeous old buildings and espresso bars where you can unwind and people-watch. You can get to know about the history of Chile by having a visit to the museum and to the typical shops in the corner. Enjoy.

  • Gran Torre Santiago – the tallest among all

A 64 story tall skyscraper is the tallest in Latin America and is situated in Santiago. It includes the largest shopping mall in Latin America, hotels and offices. It provides a view and all the necessary items you need to have. It should not be missed if you are moving to Santiago.

  • Mercado Central de Santiago – for food lovers

It is a lively market well-known for its seafood varieties and cafes. It is a multipurpose place- a tourist attraction as well as a market.