You Must Experience the Unique City Of La Paz, Bolivia

The national capital of the state of Bolivia, La Paz is officially known as Nuestra Señora de La Paz hosts some important cities of the country and is famous for its colonial architecture, brilliant nightlife and its inimitable markets. A few years ago, it was recognized as one of the new seven wonder cities.

  • The Witches Market’ – heal your body

The most popular vacationer appeal in La Paz, the witches market sells merchandise like potions, medicinal plants, dried frogs etc. It is a great market with loads of different products at very reasonable prices. The place can help you make a little more aware about the Aymara culture.

  • Valle de la Luna – a mysterious wonder

The beautiful valley is situated about 10 kilometers from the La Paz department in Bolivia. It offers a great view as mineral content in the mountain may often vary which usually creates an illusion in the eyes of the vacationer. The rock formations are very unique and striking. Best place for adventure seekers.

  • Illimani – a mountain that is worth seeing

The highest mountain in the western Bolivia is very near to the city of La Paz. Various local songs are played here, especially Illimani. It is said to be The majesty of one of the highest peaks of the Andes mountain range. Visit and be blown away by the aesthetic scenery.

  • San Francisco Church – an extraordinary place

The Catholic Church is located in the center of the city. A true beauty from inside and outside. A free tour around the monastery is available. It was built between 1743- 1758 under the indigenous baroque style. There is a beautiful museum inside and a garden full of medicinal plants.

  • San Pedro Prison – a place never seen before

A prison, famous for being a society within itself. About 1500 people reside here, a lot more guests staying in the prison hotel. It also consists of market stalls where various items can be purchased, and various games like billiards, chess, video games etc. can be played. The necessities are taken care of.